Mould Abatement / Labs

Hi Guys

Being new to the industry, I’m trying to get various contacts or companies that can be used or referred to in the York Region and surrounding areas.

Would anyone know who I could use as a mould abatement and/or as a testing lab in this area?

Also if anyone has the general pricing or turnaround time for mould testing results, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Ross.
Go to pro labs websight. they can help you. They are opening a lab in Toronto and this will give you a very short turnaround.
Todd Flaro


Thanks for the info. ProLabs seems like it will be a good choice for testing of samples, once they’ve set up shop in TO.

In regards to abatement of mould or asbestos, I don’t think they will be involved in that area.

After checking websites, I’ve noticed Pinchin Enviro, in Mississauga seems to get involved with the removal of these materials. Can anyone comment on whether Pinchin would be the company to contact, when abatement may be needed.


I had a rep from Pinchin at one of our Chapter Meetings and was very impressed with the professionalism of the company. They continually hold free seminars re mould abatement and the regs involved. If you ask to be on there mailing list there will be a ton of info coming your way. They do, do abatement and if the same skill is shown by their abatement people they should do a very good job indeed. I would not hesitate to refer this company.

We suggest checking with Ed from Air Aware, Certified through CMHC 1-888-409-8450
He works all around South Western Ontario and Golden Horseshoe.
He also has the neatest mini thermal imaging camera.

All the best
Allan Spisak
ACISS Home & Commercial Inspections

Sporometrics is a great lab/testing. Turn around time can be whatever you want. It’s priced accordingly. 416-516-1660. I use them a lot. Pinchin is very good. You can also get good results from O.H Environmental for all types of abatement.905-278-7000.

Does anyone have a recommendation for Alberta?


In Calgary I have used Paladin Services
also a good company for fast turn around for Asbestos testing is Western Health & Safety. Email me @ and I will forward phone number. They should be able to set you up with a company up in Edmonton.