Mould inspector needed in Ontario:

shoel rosenhek
1:32 PM (49 minutes ago)

I am seeking an expert with experience in legal proceedings to assist me as I am the plaintiff in a legal action for damages against an insurance company. My house was flooded and mould contamination is pervasive as a consequence of the failure of the insurance company to address the mould issue on a timely basis. I require an expert report to document on the extent of mould contamination and regarding the reversibility or irreversibility of the mould infestation. The expert will also be required to testify at trial. The house is located in Ontario and the expert must do work in Ontario to be qualified as an expert in Ontario court. Compensation to be discussed. Please respond to S Rosenhek by email at with your qualifications and experience.

Just my opinion - It might help - “IF” there was a general clarification of the area where in Ontario this request comes. Ontario is a large province and it can depend who is available based on reasonable proximity to that area.