Moulding cracks and leaking

How would you write up these cracks and stains on exterior cornice moulding? Is this just cosmetic?

Looks like foam, purely cosmetic. I recommend it be sealed.

Are the stains likely from condensation behind the foam leaking out?

You may have an issue here, moisture is penetrating the backside of the banding in some fashion and bleeding through visible at the bottom side. This “could be” a roof covering failure or other form of design flaw…then again, it could be the foam set liquefied and bleed through. Did you put a ladder up there and test it for moisture? Do you have a concrete moisture meter?

Could be condensation. Was there soffit venting there, and could you see that area from the attic?

Yes, there was soffit venting and the attic was unstained and dry.

Did you test it for moisture? If so, what was the result? I suppose it could be the glue leaking out. Hard to say from here.

Yes, the stains were dry on the IR.

IR cameras do not detect wet/dry…they detect temperature differentials that can be an indication of a “wet surface” via diffusion. With plaster, the section should always be tested with an approved type meter. A moisture meter will go below the surface and actually give a reading on the mass assembly which is designed to distribute moisture through a rate/storage relationship so it is not uncommon for CMU walls to test “wet”. As such, a comparative analysis should be performed comparing know areas representative to a non-affected location to the suspect location.
Mass assemblies distribute moisture penetrating the CMU both to the interior and exterior during drying periods, kind of like when you throw water on a CMU wall before it is plastered and the water never actually rolls off but is absorbed by the concrete material.

I have seen this before from pressure washing the underside of the soffits. Dry stain noted, monitor this area…

You know that IR detects surface temperature differences?

I tend to agree with Brad. and the power washing but I’m not there. :slight_smile:

Cellulose insulation when it get wet will do that also.