Mountain Warranty's hot new website!

Sounds good…is my understanding correct?

*You purchase as few as one or as many as you like and then give them away as part of your inspection (when and to whom you want)? So, I could use this as a marketing tool where a client is getting bids, not sure who they want to use, etc and save the offer where it may not be needed to close the deal?


I agree mostly with your understanding. Very good. It’s a very good marketing too.

I disagree with you in one small respect. Don’t “save the offer” as you put it.

Don’t hold the warranty a secret until you need it. Tell every potential client everything that you have to offer. Put the warranty on marketing and on your website. Don’t save it to close the deal.

Use it to close every deal.

Think of buying a car. A car dealer wants to tell you EVERY feature about the car. They do not hold anything back or save a particular special feature just to close the deal.

If you have something that makes you special, unique and gives you a competitive advantage, TELL everyone. Don’t save it.

I agree with my brother when he said, “If it increases the value of your inspection service at a cost less than that value, do it. If it doesn’t increase the value of your inspection service (in the eyes of agents or potential clients) above and beyond the cost of that added value, don’t do it.”

Thank you for the free warranty. I did email you at mountain warranty, but as I said the email bug must have gotten it. Lookign forward to increased value and bookings.

cool, bud :slight_smile: