Mouse invasion as percieved by client

I inspect a lot of country properties and having mice is like having firewood or so it seems with the owners (sellers) of such property. Recently, a young couple living in the city decided to purchase a pristine country property. The Sellers’s Disclosure did not make any reference to mice. We found a lot of bees (inspection last Summer) but no tell tale signs of a mouse invasion.

Last week, the clients moved into their new property and discovered a “mouse infestation”…and now they want to hold the owners responsible for “not disclosing this…”.

My feeling is that they have no case and that this is just par for the course (most mice were dead and found in the walls etc.).

What do my colleagues think?


I tell clients that mice like a warm place too.

As you said, it goes with the territory much like various barn yard odors.

They need to understand every fall this is going to happen .
I have a friend who has a country cottage and he sets up three big mouse traps two was not enough .
He takes a five gallon pail puts in 7 inches windshield anti freeze and one oz. dish soap .
He sets up a tidier totter on a balance over the pail one end close to a place where the mice can get too .
He spreads some peanut butter on end over the pail .
Mice walk out to get food and get dumped into pail and it rests itself .
Soap is to destroy to insulating of the mouse fir so the drown almost instantly anti freeze so it does not freeze.

Tell them Walt Disney made tons of money with just one mouse.
So! They should feel fortunate.

I’ve trapped 5-7 in the last week. First year without a cat. It definitely makes a difference.

Those folks have unrealistic expectations.

Where you have Mice, you don’t have Rats. Rats instinctively kill Mice (muricide), so if you have Mice, it’s because they consider it safe to be there. Tell the new owners that, and they might ease up a bit.

You can’t say the same thing about Rice and Mats though. They can often be found in the same places :slight_smile: Merry Christmas.