Move in certified in New Jersey?

Is anyone using move in certified in New Jersey? Hoping to learn what level of success you are seeing and how receptive folks are to it.

Thanks in advance!

In 14 yrs I have done 5… Waste of energy/time.

Not only that, but what if you miss something. Different inspectors will give different opinions on different things, without using proper backup. This can create a lot of problems.

Uh, wrong.

Let’s say hypothetically you make the mistake of your career and report that a 50-year old asphalt roof is brand new. Bad mistake huh? It’s still better that the buyer’s inspector catch the mistake for the homebuyer for you, before closing, and thus before anyone suffers any damages. Yes, you have egg on your face, but you don’t have a new roof bill to pay.

Not to mention that just because it’s go an iffy roof, doesn’t mean that it’s not “move-in” ready.

If the furnace was blown to h3ll on the other hand…different story.

OK that the buyers inspector found it still, and likely that you won’t get any more work if word gets out you missed the furnace (if indeed it was your fault).

The thing that suffers most in the “Move-in Certified” program.