Move-In-Certified Supplemental Re-Inspection Reports

I’m considering marketing the Move-in-Certified service to Realtors and Sellers. Anticipating an initial inspection, followed by a potential subsequent inspection to verify corrective action (ideally supplemented by contractor receipts), does anyone have recommended contractual language for such a supplemental re-inspection? I was considering using my standard inspection contract, but with the explicit exclusion (initialed by the Client) that this particular supplemental re-inspection pertains solely to addressing corrective actions of the those findings identified in the original Report, excludes everything else and would, by nature, be supplemental to the original Report.

I would not consider revising my initial Report, only supplementing it. I can imagine doing so by issuing the Move-In-Certified Report with supplemental language set off in a different font/color stating something like, “This finding has been re-inspected by “A1 Home Inspections” and appears to have been satisfactorily addressed/remedied.”

Any thoughts / advise would be greatly appreciated.

Go for it. What you’ll find is that it is hard to sell and a breeze to re-sell.

Once an agent tries it, he/she typically loves it.