Move over Dot Com. InterNACHI spending $185K to create its own top level domain.

I wish I understood what you was talking about.

I think he is saying that instead of .com, .org, ,tv, .net… we may see .internachi


Now that would be cool.

Or* .*inspector

That would be sweet. Nick, when will you know so that we can reserve names? Also, can I suggest each members name be automatically reserved for that member? And for the company names, can I suggest that other domains be sold through iNachi or Inspector Outlet, like GoDaddy does? That will help recover some of the funds spent on the venture, and better allow us to fund other such ventures. It would be really inexpensive to spread it out over several domains.

Thanks for all you do Nick!!!

I call dibs on CertifiedMaster.inspector :smiley:

I call dibs on every cityhomeinspection in North Carolina.