Move pictures

Is there a easy way to move a picture in the report.

Example: I have insert pic 2 & 1 and I want to switch the order 1 & 2.


On desk top click and hold on the image then drag to where you want it.

Ir might be double click n hold.

In the section where the photos are in the pane at right.

This doesn’t seem to be a possibility with the Mac version, unless I am missing something. I’ve always wished it was possible.

It’s possible.

I do it all the time on MAC.

Although it’s not the least bit obvious how to do it, as there are no buttons or arrows to show you, and it seems to be something you won’t realize unless someone explains it (i.e. I didn’t know it was possible either for quite sometime).

Go to section, look at the comments, look for the button that says red-black/photos so it brings up the photos instead of the comments selected.

Then simply drag the photos around until they are in the preferred order.

Thanks Ian… So if you have 10 photos, and want to move it from #10 to #1 you have to move it and scroll up 10 times? Since you can only see 1.5 photos in the red/black box at a time? Seems really non user friendly to me, unless I’m missing something.

You need to do it one photo at a time at least that is what I found out for me other wise it mess’s some up.
I found if I number my photos in the way I want them to appear in the report before I load them, makes it easier and faster.

Are you using MAC? On windows it is double click and hold on the second click then drag to desired location. I was on mobile this morning. It could be one or two finger long press on Mac and drag.

While on this subject, a huge improvement to mobile would be the ability to move photos within mobile. Also the ability to move and edit photos in the summary mode.

Yeah, Ken, the method that you described is what I’ve been doing, as well as trying to remember to take pictures in a logical order at the inspection in order to minimize the need to rename. I really wish that there was a simple interface like moving icons on a cell phone, or being able to have a drop down box that was like “photo number [3]” where you could chose what position you wanted the photo located at in a specific section if needed.

Yeah, Mac.

Try long press with 2 fingers on the image and drag.

I did. the method Ian told me is correct, but also useless.

It is a little slow to drag on at a time but really how many go in one sub section?
I think a arrow reposition like with comments would be faster. Maybe it is planned. Desktop images needs more love for sure.

It works for me on MAC.

Sure, it’s a bit clunky, I think Dom expects us to be able to read his mind on how to get the photos to move since it’s not the least bit intuitive. But it does work.

I always thought that drag/drop was intuitive and easier than clicking an up/down button multiple times, but I’m obviously wrong at times! What do you guys think would be faster?

Wayne, can you show me a screenshot of where you only see 1.5 pics at a time? I can see 4 or 5, even on my laptop. I can see more on my larger desktop screen.

You can drag/drop photos on HIP Mobile for iPhone/iPad by clicking the hamburger icon in the top right, then drag to rearrange. Android doesn’t have this functionality built in so it’s been a bit more of a pain for us to get a version of it working that I’m happy works well (our tests have been too clunky).

Dom the Drag /Drop process is painful in that you must go one step up at a time .

Maybe, depending on your resolution. I can drag an image across several at a time. On a tab with damage and selection panels you would have less steps at once.

Yes I can move them 4 or 5 at a time too. An option to move pics on mobile would be great, as well as the ability to edit and move photos in summary mode