I have a question for Chris or Tim

Can you provide an option (check box) for our reinspection reports when I make them public for move in certified. Another words if I upload 2 or three different reports for the same address and want to make them public for moveincertified, I would like the potential buyers to identify the supplamental and reinspection reports separate from the original.



If you upload two reports for the same property, and make it clear IN your report that it’s a re-inspection, wouldn’t that be enough? Any potential buyer who sees 2 reports for the same home will download them both, and when they open them up it’ll be pretty clear which is which.

Or am I wrong?

Yeah your right, I just thought it would have been nice to see “Reinspection”
displayed before they click.

I can see where you’re coming from. We’ll look into it, but I want to keep the interface as SIMPLE as possible and adding one extra checkbox often evolves to 10 extra checkboxes… We’re working on version 2 of the desktop app and we’ll see if we can integrate something like this in a way that is easy to use.