MoveInCertified upgraded last night to keep up with parabolic increase in demand.

We just finished another hardware upgrade to MoveInCertified/FetchReport system which took all night. Apologies for the down time. I grossly underpredicted the speed at which this project would grow.

Sorry about the down time guys. We’re in the process of moving from the beta server to the full production environment. I’ll post more info about when the full switch will take place in a day or two.


Thanks Nick and Chris. I am have started to move full steam ahead on this program. So I am glad to hear that you are moving to a full server system :smiley:

The beta server is actually a dedicated machine that can handle several medium sized Web sites at once, but Move In Certified has grown even faster than we expected.

It’s gone from a dumb idea, to an idea that might work, to a beta test, to a popular full blown system and membership benefit… all in less than 3 months.

Rec’d 20 more MIC signs today, FedEx.
My name’s all over the yards out in the Silver Valley -
Agents are asking for it!!


It’s strange, John-

I’ve pitched it to any # of agents, nothing much around here.
40 miles away, at another RE association meeting, it catches on. Who knows??