moving a return air duct for remodel

There is a 10" x 20" metal return air duct runs that runs from the basement up the center of our 1970’s 2-story colonial. I am planning a kitchen remodel and would love to move a doorway over a foot or two, but that’s where the duct and a ceiling register sits between kitchen and dining room. Can at least this 1st floor section of the duct be moved or turned on its side or made smaller without damage to the system? FYI, we have a Carrier Weathermaker High Efficiency Gas Furnace ~5 years old.

Julie yes the duct can be rotated with a transition to make the 20 inches run the other direction but if you decrease the overall size you will be defeating the purpose of a return I highly recommend that you do not do that. I can not see the design of your home but what is the possibility of re-routing the whole return to another location just a thought.