Moving South?

I realize that there is always competition in the Home Inspector marketplace. I am pondering closing my business in NJ, in a few years, and opening my own Home Inspection Business in the Spring Hill area. I might be asking for it…, but, I would like to know.:wink: Is the market flooded?

Spring Hill FL?

There are well over 100 InterNACHI inspectors in spring hill FL and surrounding areas…

Wow. Why?

According to the Nachi site, there are more inspectors in Florida than any other state.

Spring Hill, Florida – yes.
Good question – why?

No idea, I just checked it out on find an inspector…

We’re thinking of moving to Savannah GA in a couple of years once my wife retires from The Air Force, there are 6 nachi inspectors listed there…,

Retirement state=lot’s of turnover so to speak. :wink:

Derek, number one, thank you both for your sacrifices to serve the country. I am also a veteran. I wish the best for both of you!

Mike M should be along soon to input his thoughts on this.

Retirement state, wonder how many inspectors did move here to retire?

See that’s what I am thinking. Semi-retire to keep the brain and body going. Ya know " a body in motion stays in motion"

That was a big part of my move here:cool:
Year round golf, world renowned fishing
Now I can’t get a day off:shock:
I’m not complaining:D

Come on now I’m way quicker than that :slight_smile: look up :slight_smile:

8- where :smiley:

We have about a couple hundred inspectors in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. I don’t let it bother me. Just stay one step above my competition.

AMEN! SStags!! Amen!

I was born here…and have been trying to retire ever since… :mrgreen:

I hear ya Eric! Dutchman?