Moving to Orlando Florida.

I have been a state licensed inspector in Nevada for the last four years. I am moving to Orlando. In Nevada we get 1.25 inches of rain per year. I know moisture is a big issue in Florida. What tools and training do I need to do proper inspections in Florida? Should I get some sort of Mold certification?? If so how?


It appears that the Floridians (your competitors) are in silent mode…

From what I seen on TV, a boat and Bin-Aqua-Lars Water Binoculars.:wink: The review reads they really work.

or if you need light

Moving to Orlando Florida.

My condolences . . .

Best tools in Orlando would be a Northerner Swatter (some use them for Fly’s also), patience for the traffic, Rolaids for the upset stomach you’ll get from the lowballer competition, and good insurance for driving on I-4.;-):smiley:

Before you spend a lot on mold training, you might want to read this. There is a question as to whether it will go into effect as scheduled but at some point it will.

But everyone else is leaving!..

Check in with FEMA, they need all the inspectors they can get…

Don’t worry too much about being a mold assessor, the home inspector licensing bill that was signed into law had a 10 square foot clause built in for home inspectors.

Many things revolve around the licensing. I have a moister meter(surface only) and thermal camera in my truck at all time. Must inspections are straight forward. I could live on insurance inspection work alone. I am on the East Coast if there is anything else I can help you with.