Mr. Hensel goes to Orlando and guess what happened....

There were emails going back and forth (mostly from me) that we not…hmmmm…how shall say,not to polite.

I went to the damn meeting and guess what…it was productive as can be. Believe it or not all other organizations have the right people in place, with some different personalities and mindsets, but the ultimate goal is the advancement of the profession. I truely believe they have this at heart and will work towards it.

There will be some things I will post later for your input and your guidance. But a way to better communicate was established (thanks to John Shishilla), goals will be set and communication can be lightening speed between the council and it’s lobbyist.

Let me go through my noted and get some thoughts together.

I really was wondering if my 7 total hours of driving was going to be worthless and well, it wasn’t. It will be useless of you do not participate, I am nothing without help from you the members and I will do my best to represent the needs of the membership in the best way possible…

Glad to hear positive things are coming from a council meeting for a change. Looking forward to the update.

sounds like a step in the right direction on the long road ahead of us

Thanks Russell for you time and effort ! Looking forward to the update!