Mr. Larin

We discussed INACHI Quebec members and the OACIQ in the spring.
I brought it to you.

I asked you what do you think.
You wished nothing to do with it. “A little more if you wish to explain to all the members.”.

Now you go ahead behind my back and tell me to be quite?
I have to explain what I know to members that ask.
Should I lie?

So where does this leave me Gille.
In between a rock and an ethical hard place.

You have taken my time and desrespected me in front of all Quebec members.
Much more to it then this as you are well aware…

I will be interacting with the OACIQ as home inspector as long as I am a home inspector.
You do not care how they view me I take it.

Something must have been said because others have tied and the OACIQ told them they are only dealing with me.

So it now leaves me in a position that is most uncomfortable Mr. Larin.
My side of the truth.:eek:

So please sir. No more be quite Mr. Young.

You brought this upon yourself.
Shame on you.
Lay in the bed you made sir.
I wish nothing more to do with you at all.

I am totally disappointed in your lack of foresight for INACHI and INACHI Quebec members Mt Past presidenent of PHPIC.

I go for counsel when I have perplexing questions.
This is not about you but about what even you have told me when I reached out once and not to ask you something but to defend you.
Several individuals say “time will expose the individual for what they iare”.
You gave me that advice yourself Gille, remember?

I see the logic in the saying but a question unanswered still remains…
When more have been harmed, when will no untruth be told, when will the lobbied view take effect?
Ever ask yourself that question.

All the best in your endeavours.

Please do not email or call me.
I had enough of you illusions.

Sorry for the editing everyone…
I had to rephrase my words and shed some emotional baggage.
You go deep to ask ethical questions then answer t truthfully when directed at others, or at least I do .
Sorry all.

So it’s NOT just Americans that you have a personal grudge against!

This thread is inappropriate. Don’t be surprised if Gilles persues your termination from InterNACHI.

What a douche’. You are so predictable! Grow up.

So be it.


At least you admit to your actions.

Awww… did our widdle buddy in Mississauga, Canada get his widdle feelings hurt???