Mr. Roy Cooke has been appointed as a Moderator on the CanNACHI MB!


I recently made a few posts questioning why Mr. Cooke was appointed as a moderator on this BB; all posts have since been removed.

I ask each of you to question this committee’s decision to place a known expelled iNACHI member as a watch dog on this BB. A friend recently referred to him and his sidekick Raymond Wand as “CLOWNS” he further stated that they should not have been allowed to be members of this association and to have Mr. Cooke as a moderator of this BB is a slap in the face. I agree, but I also believe the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the CanNACHI committee for allowing both of these clowns to join. That’s right, I blame the current committee, and their actions would be laughable if not for the seriousness of this issue.
BTW Can anyone tell me when this association “CanNACHI” plan’s on being more than just a “super” moderated bulletin board? Most of the committee talked a really good game last year about equivalency, all Canadian content, NCP and a bunch of other misguided BS, What happened?
I don’t expect this post to be here long, but for the few that will read this post, I urge you to ask questions of the current committee. Questions that will hopefully get the current committee to move their butts and deliver what they originally promised. Alternatively, move out of the way and allow a more competent committee to finish what the current committee could not.

I say time for elections, what say you?

Best Regards


Personally, I think it’s deplorable. The CanNACHI committee members should give themselves a shake!!


I just looked and Roy is not a moderator at this moment… He is a normal member like anyone else on the board. Unless you see an announcement that I missed saying that he’s GOING to become one, he’s not. (Of course I’m just speaking from a technical point a view).

Roy:I have seen no rules and I expect others are also wondering what The future holds.
Will this be an Association Run by committees ?

Bill DeVries:Yes and as you know are part of the moderation committee for the message board

At the moment some have been appointed and again upon launch we will be asking for volunteers to fill the positions in the committees as the needs arise. Terms will be set for the positions and then they can be elected at the AGM.

Do we have any sort of rules that can be followed.

Bylaws have been done and are on refinement and last tweeking.

I can understand this is a huge undertaking and I expect many decisions are being made by the seat of the pants.

Not sure what you mean by this we have a schedule and are working hard to keep it, sometimes there are a few days that lag by as we are waiting on people to chime in as the information flows along.

Is there any information that can be given to those who can see the closed section of the BB.

When items are completed they will be set forth for all to see.

I wonder will this Group be associated with NACHI in any way.

A proposal has been sent to NACHI (Nick) and we are waiting on the signing of the documents, he has agreed verbally.

Many rumors lots of thoughts and any information would be appreciated.

Hope this helps

Who are those who are making decisions .

Allen Cavdek President
Arne Kluge VP and Director of Communications
Steve Davies Treasurer
Alexandra Tangney Secretary
Tony Ferrierria Director of membership
Harold Lowe Director of Education
William DeVries Director of Chapters

Dominic Maricic Webmaster and Moderator
Roy Cooke Moderator

Steve Garland Education Committee

Hope this answers a few questions Roy


I cut and pasted the above post from the CanNACHI site.

Thanks Mario. I did not see that on the forum (though I haven’t read through all the posts obviously). On the technical side at least he isn’t yet but from the way the post reads I’m sure I’ll be asked to add him at some point.


Having cooke as a member is one thing, giving him the ability to sanitize the MB is a totally different privilege. Rewarding cooke at CanNACHI after what he did here at NACHI is simply wrong. There are younger more energetic and far more intelligent men in our industry that have the ability and the know-how that should be recognized at CanNACHI. The old guy should just retire and leave his dinosaur ideas in the past where they belong.


You are correct Ken, it is unreal.

Now that cooke has deleted Joe’s post he has started a thread about how he is being victimized by Joe. Now that is unreal!


That’s up to the board. I’m just the techie :slight_smile:

Censorship is wrong…no matter who is doing the “moderating”.

I’m not accusing you of anything Dominic! But clearly cooke has the ability to delete posts, he brags on the CanNACHI site that he has deleted posts made by Joe. Posts that he felt were attacking his character! That’s laughable BTW.
It’s OK when Krook and Wanker attack inspectors indiscriminately on this and other MB’s but when someone questions their actions they both cry like little girls!! Raymond Wand and Roy Cooke are the Cancer of this Industry. Both of these clowns should be banned from this industry, not rewarded by the CanNACHI committee.
That is #1 reason I’m personally not a member of CanNACHI.

I have allways believed that James, as you know some of the ESOP have taken some serious hits from krook and wanker, (mostly from wanker) here on this MB and in the real world. If Nick can find a way to stop both of these clowns from posting here on this MB than I’m in favour of removing the current system that NACHI has adopted.

The joke of the inspection industry has been hurt by Joe’s posts, Give me a F…g break.

Roy Cooke asked to be removed from the moderator’s position as he was appointed without his consent and apparently for-seeing such a debate. As I understand the situation, that request was make of Bill Devries who apparently has either refused it or ignored it.

Thanks George,

Billy is a friend, as a friend of mine he knows exactly what these two MF have put me through. I will call him in the morning.

I would send you the appropriate postings but they seem to have been removed ! :roll:

Roy does not have the ability to remove posts as of when I posted earlier. If someone gave him moderator abilities before, they did take it away, probably at his request like George mentioned.

Someone deleted Joe’s post Dominic, and cooke openly boasts about it. The man is a clown to say the least.
I just finished talking with Billy, he confirms that cooke no longer has moderator status. Billy explained the reasons behind some of the decisions made and I’m content with Billy’s explanation.
I also telephoned Joe and explained the situation and he is content as well.

Thanks Billy and Dominic!


Thank You Mario

[FONT=Verdana]As you know the posts that were deleted by Mr. Cooke was an attempt by me to correct a wrong. It was not an attempt to discredit CanNACHI or any of the founders. Yes, I mentioned that Mr. Cooke and Mr. Raymond Wand were both expelled from iNACHI for COE violations, but that is common knowledge. It seems that both of these characters are ethically challenged.
I’m truly pleased to see that Mr. Bill DeVries has taken the moderator status away from Mr. Cooke. The man clearly doesn’t have the intelligence to cope with such a delicate task as proven by his most recent actions.
From what you tell me, Billy is a great guy and I look forward to meeting him at the Air-Vent Seminar later this month.

Best Regards