msfh inspector rejected by citizens

Agent told me today that citizens rejected a re-inspection done by a msfh certified inspector and will no longer be accepting them. This is only what an agent told me and i have not seen anything in writing.

From what I have heard and seen the msfh certification never allowed this unless it was done thru a WCE, which no longer exists.
Nothing concrete, just grapevine stuff.

from my understanding, before jan. of this year, any one could do it as long as an engineer or architect signed the form. after jan they accepted only licensed and insured individuals to complete the inspection and sign the form-this included msfh peeps, until today, according to my agent source…

MSFH has never been accepted. The insurance company does have the right to accept them from anyone they feel qualifed, but to my knowledge they are still only accepting them from engineers, general contractors, and archeticuts

From the Citizens website:


That statement means that only policy holders who participated in the program can use a MFSH inspector. That eliminates everyone else who did not participate, which is the bulk of who we deal with.

Correct Bill