msfh over

looks like the msfh website no longer lists the wce’s and the approved list of inspectors. Does this mean inspectors who are not certified contractors or engineers perform wind inspections, or not? I’ve heard rumors that the windinspectors certified under msfh would no longer be able to submit them, just feeling around for any inside info.

**A Note for MSFH Inspectors: **
We wanted to personally provide you with a status update on the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program.
As many of you know, CFO Sink aggressively lobbied the Legislature to continue funding this tremendously successful program. However, due to budget constraints, the program did not receive funding and will expire on June 30, 2009.
CFO Sink is committed to pursuing funding for this historic program again in 2010. Your continued and future support is invaluable to our efforts.
Thank you for partnering with us to serve homeowners and to better protect them and their homes against hurricane damage. We appreciate and value the incredible service you have provided since this program started and encourage you to continue helping homeowners recognize the value of strengthening their homes.
We will continue to provide Florida’s homeowners information on how to strengthen their homes against hurricanes.
My Safe Florida Home

This is what you see on the website!

Kenneth Townsend
Gulf Coast Inspections
Bradenton, Florida

The WCE program is dead. As always, insurance companies have the option to use anyone they want to perform Wind Mitigation Inspections, most have chosen to use someone off of the WCE list or licensed contractors.