Mt Clemens leaky basement and Troy leaky basement crack was prev - injected lol

Let’s see the facts Bubba… OOhhhhKay! lol

Mt Clemens, block foundation wall, ummm basement leaks, they were getting water in where the bottom of the wall meets the basement floor, uh huh. They had 2 est’s from 2 INT drainage system companies, both wanted much more $$$ for their water diverting crap versus the exterior waterproofing they needed to STOP the water from where it was first-entering

is that a snake bro? no dufus it’s a tree root

why can’t they parge all blocks and mortar joints Mr Builder and Mr city inspector?

gee Bubba, can water get in my basement through these? duh umm, sure it can and it does all the time! lololll

the backfill was mostly top soil and sand, basement STILL leaked a lot!

Troy, poured wall, crack previously injected!!! hahaha Can you say MOLD behind the drywall?
They claim, our epoxy etc goes all-the-way-through the crack to the outside? Does it? lolol

what is the black stuff? lol

did their CRAP go… all the way through to the outside? Nope. lol Why claim that it does when it doesn’t? Ohhhhhh, you will tell people whatever it takes to get a job, ohhhhh, now Bubba gets it

where oh where is that LIFETIME guarantee Mr inside basement system company?

Rochester, poured wall, HAIRLINE CRACKS do allow water in basements, helllllo!!!

“monitor the crack”… lolol Hey Mr and Mrs BUYER, nah don’t worry about the LIL itty bitty hairline crack it won’t leak, maybe just monitor it and raise and slope the grade"… right? WRONG!!!

what??? put an interior basement system and sump pump in, instead of this? really??? lolooll that shtt would have cost much more money you incompetent wiener