Muffler/Bondo/Plumber Guy

You make the call.

Don’t see any drips…that galv???

You tryin’ to kill this deal???

Hilarious Barry!!

looks like that dry wall could use a little spackle…

ran out of that black crap before Bri’ showed up…it was on the list…:roll:

They were busy figuring how to clean the carpets, Spackle was definitely on the list. :smiley:


They actually need to be trashed.

I like this one better, notice how much care was taken to ensure the pipe sections were aligned.

Saher Khabbas 002.jpg

Did you give them the name of the Plumber you gave me----:twisted:

It’s going down hill…why so picky ???

I’ve got you all beat. At least everyone has the piping connected in some sort of strange fashion…

Looky what I found. They had a pan catching all the water. Imagine what they had to go through when they were cleaning dishes (if they even did decide to clean them)…


When I turned the water on, I heard all sorts of splashing inside the cabinet and to my surprise…What slobs.

No kidding.

No back up in that lav