Multi family dwelling units

The TREC SOP are the minimum standards for “up to four dwelling units”. Is there another standard for anything more than 4 units? I have a client that wants a single unit (out of eight units) inspected. It appears that this would fall outside the SOP, correct? Any thoughts?

No different than doing a townhouse or condo inspection. IMHO.

My opinion also.

When you are performing more than four, for the building owner (or buyer), it would be considered a commercial inspection.

Correct. Inspecting 3 units of a 5 unit building for a buyer requires a license. Inspecting all 5 doesn’t require a license.

Nick, that is incorrect in Texas. All inspections related to all real estate transactions in Texas are under TREC jurisdiction and SOP. That includes residential and commercial inspections. The TREC promulgated report form need not be used however on more than 4 units but it may be if so desired. NACHI comsop may be used in addition to the TREC SOP but not in lieu of.

Interesting. I believe that licensing in all other states only covers 1-4 units. Thus one would need a license to inspect a condo, but a license would not be needed to inspect the entire condominium complex.

Yes, that question arises from time to time here in Texas. I’ll forward you an e-mail exchange I had with TREC awhile back when Joe F was planning his commercial inspection course for Dallas.