Multi Inspector Company

Is there any education or training courses that address how to operate a multi-inspector company. It has just been me and my son in business however we are looking to add an third inspector to keep up with the demand.
Any help would be awesome. Just point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

Here is an article that Nick wrote…


Thank you Thomas,

I will look this over tomorrow and get all the good information listed.


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Check out the book I wrote in my signature. A lot of it is my ride owning a multi-inspector company.


Just ordered the book.

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I am not finding a link to your book. I did see a book on your web site called Home Inspector Confidential. Is that the one?

John Peitsmeyer

Here’s a link directly to my site:

I just checked on Amazon and for some reason it’s listed at $165! I’ll have to sort that out but you can order right from my site. Thanks!!

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Thanks Jim! I appreciate it. I’ll try to get it in the mail today. It’s coming from Maui so it may take a bit. 5-7 days is the norm from here to the mainland.

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Dang thing better be Signed and embellished in Gold Leaf for that price!! :wink:


No worries Matt, Thanks for the reply