multi-inspector firms

Hi guys, I am trying to get in touch with some multi-inspector firms however I am finding that most of the professional organizations are not tracking that. Do you know of an organization, publication, etc., that tracks a list of multi-inspector firms or has a service for these firms? Right now it is cumbersome finding them as very few are listed as multi-inspector firms. Thank you for any feedback you can provide.

Are you looking for a specific location for multi inspector firms? If so it might be beneficial to be more specific.
Why multi inspector firms in general? Are you trying to sell something?
A little more detail/transparency would probably get you better feedback.


Ahhh, that explains it. Thanks Chris.

I have been seeking out multi-inspectors as we develop products for both individual and multi-inspectors. We are trying to find out more needs of multi-inspectors as we continue to develop our product. When I inquired with a reputable inspector leader about where to get some help, I was told this message board was helpful.
Our product is developed and based off of the feedback and needs of inspectors to deliver a useful product. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Guidance for what? You are not getting responses because you are not saying anything.

I hope you are not selling directions