Multi Inspector Tip

If anyone is interested and have another inspector… I use to log on to my inspectors desktop from my house to his house and I can then take over and help him write reports.

Thanks Billy! Good tip…

Another good one is Teamviewer. It is both Windows and Mac compatible.

Are they freeware? Can you drag stuff from theirs to yours?

I have also used with good success.

Ed Rossi
FL State Certified Home Inspector HI-1583
FL State Certified Real Estate Appraiser RD-3731

Teamviewer works a lot smoother than It also works with more apps.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a whirl.

Ed Rossi
FL State Certified Home Inspector HI-1583
FL State Certified Real Estate Appraiser RD-3731
FL Licensed Public Adjuster A226670

Teamviewer works great for us.

Thanks Billy. Great tip.
Should we be aware of anything negative?

I use Teamviewer. Works great.

Are you expanding to multi inspector Robert? You and Kevin W teaming up?

And that deserves an answer?
No, I guess its just a common theme by a malcontent driving down Canadians once again.
Too bad
so sad to see you to caught what mickey has.

Nick and InterNACHI must worry about the future with what is on going on the message board.
Sad day when it is allowed to continue.

A s s hole!

How am I driving you down, especially how am I driving down Canadians? I have many Canadian friends.

You thanked Billy for giving you a “Multi Inspector Tip”. So I was curious.


Robert and Kevin are teaming up ?

Wish you luck Robert.

I am totally amassed the sickness has gone this far.
I wonder if members phone each other and use association privileges to extract personal confidential information.
I will let a layer tack a look,

Lason’s and other pure poison allowed. Only a mad man can post 46,000 posts with most being poison and hate at orchestrated at others.
The like minded destroying the association. Now Chris and Bob for the dig in.
Its total lunacy.

Here is the kicker, ***the owner pleading for it to stop having to forcefully remove the thread, *and A banned member reinstated and days later awarded a price for the best poster… There is a sickness that is enough for me to have enough… enough to tell me there is something amiss.
So much for the CMI.

I am reneging my CMI membership and will see shortly is I am going to leave this association.
I am sure the sickness is deeper than this.

When the owner is hand tied, COE out the window by the members, there is something amiss here.
A am certainly with the wrong association.

The sickness is deep and I paid dearly as did others with late night calls, emailed viruses disguised to look like InterNACHI email.
i almost feel like going public.
My God what a hell hole this place had become, BUT AWAIT, ITS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY.


Enough damage has been done to InterNACHI as far as I can see by this gate keepers from hell but Nick Banning a member, reinstating him and days later awarding Larson best poison pen buddy for posting positive comments… tells me there is something wrong, wrong, wrong here.

Best regards to you all.
A sickness I have had enough of but it seems like you just can’t get enough.
It would sure make front news as well.

Robert you are being melodramatic .

Bob, I as well as others have personally been shocked enough by what has transpired.
Most to afraid to stand-up, other just don.t care and never visit the MB, while others are only here as trolls as you well know.

I feel sorry for members that wish the nonsense to stop posthaste!
Something is amiss when a banned member is reinstated and rewarded days after tells me the system is broken.

Yes I am sorry but I did not make there bed, they did.

When members like Larson & others can insinuate privileged information, with one personally emailing me months ago by a Canadian Quebec member, and its keep by the way, free of hand, I know confidential information has been been breached.
It does not take a rocket scientist tow put it together.

At first 2 years prior disgraceful phones calls. ANY ONE GET THEM?
With yelling like a bloody mad man then the mud and I called him out.

Then malicious emails disguised as InterNACHI emails load with viruses.
Larson laughing, don’t you guys have anti virus up there in Canada?
Its so pathetic.

A member banned for 5 years yet days later winner of a best poster prize???

The accusations and mud and hammering away like a well oiled lobbyist.

The grand kicker of all, The owner himself pleading for it to stop just days past yet the intensity worsens.

I see more harm coming, mark my words. This will not stop until the association is harmed. One or two may be banned but the association will pay and that’s the members that are loyal and the owner himself.

I had enough.
The lines been crossed to many times.
This tells me there is an underlying cancer that must be eradicated.

I am not being dramatic, I am fed up.

Don’t you get tired of quitting?
Goodbye Robert.
See you soon.