Multi-tapping off electrical meter

Is this ok? Poco tag still intact. Thoughts/comments?
Thanks in advance!

Since the three SE cables are going in different directions it would likely be impossible to comply with NEC 230.72. Also I don’t see how those three cables could legally be connected at the load side of the meter.

NOTE: There were two 6o amp fused disconnects in basement. Other feed to large barn.

What is behind that meter is not the HI concern. It is not accessible.

That gas regulator vent may be too close though…

What is poco? I too would expect that the connections in the meter base are not to code and then would be a fire/safety hazard. I can see that the cables are not secured to the bldg. If an inspector passed it with these defects, something is wrong in Columbus, OH. I have heard stories in the past 1.5 years about leadership.:twisted:

POCO - power company.