Multiple Agents/Clients

Any idea when we will be able to enter multiple client names and email address? Same for the agent as I have a number who use a closing coordinator and they need to be in the info loop.

Just put a semi colon between the agents email and the transaction coordinators email. They will both get the emails then.

While the semicolon thing does work, it’s then set that that person always has the two email address.

When they use you on a different inspection, they may not want the same two email addresses. Then you have to take it off. Then maybe add it back for the 3rd.

It would be nice if you could just actually enter in everyone separately, and then pull in that data as needed.

I have agents that when they get busy, they’ll grab a random agent in their office and give them a split to show the house, or whatever. But they’re not a team, and it’s only a temporary deal for this one transaction.

Sure, but it takes one second to delete it, one second to add it back on. How many times does that happen?

But then I don’t have the record of doing the inspection with the 2nd person.

Happens kind of frequently with Keller Williams agents.

Exp: Agent A got sick, and brought in Agent B to help out.
Add in 2nd email address.

Agent A is all better, no longer works with agent B, delete email address.

Agent B then wants to use me. Add agent B to database.

But when I look up how many inspections I’ve done for Agent B, there is no record of the inspections they did as part of Agent A.

I have my Very Good Agent. He has his own rule that if a buyer doesn’t make an offer after so many days of showing properties and determines they’re maybe not a serious buyer, he brings in a random new agent in his office and gives them a split to continue to show properties while he concentrates on prospecting and working with more serious buyers. Because he’s VP of recruiting for his office, he doesn’t use the same agent twice as his helper, it’s a different agent every time.

Another pair of agents used to be a team. Now they work separately. But they still have a back log of buyers they met when they were a team and they still represent those buyers as a team. So some inspections are just one, not the other, while some are both together. It gets messy.

This has been an ongoing conversation for quite some time. Do you participate in the ISN Ideas group?