Multiple devices

Looking for help from the guys who have more than one inspector onsite using HG companion.

How do you create a duplicate report for use with two devices on the same inspection?

I plan on having one inspector using a tablet for data collection and another using a phone, taking pictures.

Both will be uploaded to the cloud and finished on a desktop.


Get template from the cloud on the handheld device that you sent up to the cloud from your desktop/laptop. Next both of you do the inspection (more devices is okay too). When ready one laptop will be needed. The Android device sends report up to the cloud and then from the laptop bring that report down. Now while partial report is open in the laptop…Select FILE Merge report into this report…and select the report you brought down from the cloud that is in your laptop. Both reports will then merge to one. Do this again if you had another device with some report info on it.

Thanks Russell,
So each time I merge a report, say on my desk top, it will update the report to the newest version.

I think I understand, first inspection tomorrow with two devices and using my phone to add pictures, you’ll probably get a phone call… LOL

I can’t believe how far you guys have come in the ten years I’ve been using this software, thank you.

It will take the report done on the HGC and put it in your opened report you did on the laptop. You have to have the same column headers etc is why I said same template. Anyway, if there is an overlap it will keep his comment and yours for that item. it will not choose or erase one. So, it would be wise to proofread when merging two reports or more.

Sure call us if you have problems.

Thank you for your loyalty!

Russell Buchanan

We merge everyday, I use a Samsung S5 and the other inspectors on side use just cameras. I like the phone it is quicker for styles and materials, the camera on the phone is a little slower. It is much better than it was. The other inspectors take their memory cards to the laptopS and work on their reports. I send mine to the cloud and one downloads it and mergers with her own. While the last inspector copies the report to the memory card and hands the card to the first inspector she then merges the final(third) report.

Just how we do it.

Nice tutorial. John. I could probably even do that…:slight_smile:

Thanks John, I appreciate the help.

Thanks Larry,

I find that the team approach works best.