Multiple Electrical Questions/Opinions Needed (Closing on a home soon)

I’m moving out of state to an older 1983 trailer house, but I have a couple of questions on things that may or may not be wrong with the electrical system

  1. Bryant Breaker Panel (I Do not know if these panel’s have a bad rep Like FPE or Zinsco)

  2. All Breakers are double type (I guess to save for future expansion’s since it’s a small panel?)

  3. Almost all receptacles are painted over (I can always replace them latter though as I think I will have to anyway because most of them could barely hold in a Nightlight, plus alot of cover plates are missing from the devices

  4. Unknown Junction Box Without a Cover High On the wall (I believe it was for a smoke detector as in the rest of the place thats where they are mounted and it has a molex plug attached on it Like the detachable plug for smoke Detectors) I do not know if there is a third wire in the box yet. The smoke detectors are original to the place so I planned on replacing them any way with another set of hardwired units (Any Brand Recommendations? Firex Kidde, BRK , Etc any one have interconnected ones with a built in co2 Detectors

  5. GFCI Outlet are installed in the kitchen and bathroom and function properly
    I did not notice a GFCI outlet any where outside However I did not trip the kitchen or bathroom outlet and then go and test the outside outlets so I would need to install a GFCI for all out door outlets

  6. I will have a shed an plan I using the outlets to power stuff in the shed (It is only 20FT from the Trailer house So a 10 Gauge extension cord should be fine? (4 FT Shop Lite 40W Soldering iron, Radio, Fan (I will Never Run a space heater or an AC Unit) Just what I mentioned and maybe a 2 AMP Rotary Tool or a 4 AMP Jigsaw)

  7. Dryer Outlet is only a 3 pronger and the one in my current apartment is a 4 pronger and the dryer currently has a 4 prong plug. The dryer when originally bought new came with no power cord and I had to buy I 4 Prong Power cord
    So I just buy a new cord and attach correct and then do the bonding jumper for neutral to frame. My Step dads electrician friend has a whole bunch of 10-3 left over from a job that he did and he said he would install a dryer 4 prong dyrer outlet (Panel is only about 15-20 FT away and outlet is surface mounted) Will the breaker change? or just the wire and receptacle? It currently has a 30 amp breaker

Thats all I can think of for now and sorry for the long post (Warning Large Picture)

And What did your Home Inspector tell you.

Roy Cooke