Multiple State Certifications

Good evening, all!

I live in Erie, PA and was wondering if it would be a better marketing tool for me to have certs/licenses in NY, PA, and OH? I am saying this because I am 1 hour from each border.

Any input would be appreciated!

My input is if you want to drive for the jobs, maintain the license requirements in each state have at it.
1 thought would be to decide on how to determine a radius and advertise appropriately. Instead of a vague multi state advertisement.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

I would not have a “catch-all” advert, so to speak. I would focus on counties that border PA that are within reach. There are a lot of rural areas around Erie, PA that I would assume that some inspectors may find it hard to reach.

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That would be a good business model. The less competition the more business.

That may work, Andy. Try it out for a year or two and see if it is worth it. :smile:

You can always drop the license if it doesn’t work out financially or add another state if it does work out and see if that one is worth it, too.