Multiple Summaries

I want to make MULTIPLE summaries for FHA 203k Template like …


Anybody know how to do this. I’m in the middle of a report and would like to add this

Did you get it figured out Dan? I know how if you still need some assistance. If you post on Home Gauge user group Shancy, Tracey and others may of already assisted you with your request.

Here is HG instructions on summaries

Thanks David.

Open template
scroll down on left and click the Summary bar. Then click the edit summary folder . Then at the second tool bar select ADD T

I’m several pages into a report … will that screw me up??

I am not 100% sure.

The best place to get a quicker response for HG questions is here.

I do not believe it would mess you up but I do not want you to loose report work based on my comments.