Multiple thermostats

Why would a ranch home of only 1200 square feet have 2 thermostats.
There is a programable one in the hallway and then a round stat in the basement game room.

The furnace is a 20 year old Carrier that was converted into a high efficiency unit.

There was no other heating systems and the game room was being controlled by the upstairs stat.

Also the realtor asked me that if her all electric home needed to have the ducts cleaned?

Here HVAC tech said no because there is no fuel to cause soot.
I told her to contact a couple other HVAC for there opinions and I thought that there is still air flowing thru and having the ducts cleaned seemed like a good idea. Any thoughts?


maybe the round t-stat worked with the old furnace? what type of heat did the whole house have?

as for the “cleaning of the ducts” on an electric heat system, at first i thoughr you were being funny, but i realize that i don’t know it all, and that there may be an electric heat system out there with ducts that i’ve never seen.

I put an extra thermostat upstairs in the back master bath and shut the registers down stairs because when we would burn our wood stove it would prevent the furnace from coming on (think t-stat near wood stove) and it would get chilly upstairs.

It works fine. :wink:

I assume you’re talking about an electric furnace or heat pump–

…ducts are ducts no matter what the fuel source and they do need to be cleaned periodically. It isn’t a soot factor–if soot were in the ductwork there would be some serious problems with the heat exchanger of the fuel furnace.

good point Jae, i don’t see many heat pumps up here. but i agree, ducts are ducts. dust, alligens, and what not will collect and need cleaning. just get an Angora cat, and a mouse. send the mouse into the duct, send the nice fluffy cat after it and there you go. one clean duct, one dirty cat and one dead mouse.

All those years in the HVAC trade and I didn’t think of that…

where were you when I needed you then??:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

in diapers:mrgreen:

New furnace and old furnace.

Other than the basement part (basement?), I find similar setups quite often here in our older neighborhoods.

Huh? What planet is that HVAC tech from? Soot in the air ducts? My gosh. I certainly hope not. However, there can be lots of other things floating along in those air ducts, especially if the air filter has not been cleaned in a few decades (am I the only one who cleans my air filter the first Saturday of each month?) or is missing entirely.