Multiple websites on profile

Is it possible to list 2 websites on your profile here?

If so how? I cant seem to figure it out.


You can put more than one website in your message board signature. See mine.

Looks like you are a fast learner or did you mean on find an inspector lists ?

Yes Bob, that’s what I meant. Can we do that?

Have you seen any with more than one ?
Guess that answers it .

Gives all members an equal shot or I would list my ten.:slight_smile:

We work pretty hard to build and concentrate the link juice going to your site. I’m not sure that it makes sense to then dilute it by splitting it up.

Wait a minute here.
Split it up ?

If I have two why would they not both have the same million links ?
This means the fewer the members the more links I get ?

OK everyone resign so I can have all the links…lol