Must be a new style

I have been around for a while and have not observed this style of flashing thought I was down in TN for a moment

ere (1).jpg

ere (1).jpg

414 S Grant Enid 12-30-11 030.jpg

414 S Grant Enid 12-30-11 026.jpg

Looks like those mortar joints could use a few tubes of caulk too.:smiley:

Charley, that is the new generation of tin foil chimney wrap.
Was it leaking?
Stop being so picky. ;):mrgreen:

Happy New Year my friend. :):smiley:

May you have a good year also Marcel.

That roof did not really matter it was a new install but the meat heads put the third layer on not allowed here gotta take it all off start over

414 S Grant Enid 12-30-11 022.jpg

I prefer duct tape–it goes on much smoother.:slight_smile:

Not allowed west of the Mississippi

They forgot to tear off the layer around the perimeter? Oops!

I called out the same 2X last week, one of them had at least 3 layers (partial tear-off or the hiding method I mentioned) and subsequently the seller called me and was upset saying “My roofer said 3 layers were allowed when it was put on”. <-- Roof looked maybe 1-2 seasons old… been a lot longer out my way.

As the buyer already forewarned me and said it was OK to communicate, I responded to the seller that I doubted the manufacturer warrants roofs with 3 layers and those that lack felt between courses, and really doubted the building and safety department would have allowed as well… but certainly his copy of the permits and a guarantee from the roofer would certainly mollify the buyer :smiley:

edit… was curious what tear off is these days… the local tear-off co is $39 for first layer of comp + $24 for each layer for tear off. $87 per sq. up to 5/12

LOL Charlie you not from around here are you . everyone knows we do not do that here. You first get a bucket of roof patch then slop it all over , Get er done .
Works well on cracked flues .lolol

They try that some here tear off the perimeter and then add the new layer but after the heat hits the shingles it leaves a tell tale dip that can not be hidden unless the inspector does not get up close and personal with the roof.
I don’t know the price of tear off here all I know is they do charge per layer

At $90 a ton for disposal + trucking fees and labor, $80 + is not far off. :slight_smile:



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Charley, I was born in California (somewhere west of the Mippississi) and lived there until I was 26 y/o. Duct tape was the repair of choice, followed by baling wire and chewing gum.

I believe if you use the heavy duty extra thick tin foil plus duct tape at all seams you can get a season of leak resistant protection. Is this where the Realtor asks…It’s not leaking now is it?

Sorry to hear ya were born in California means ya did not get a good start on life:(:frowning: hope things are better for ya now:D

It is only a matter of time before we see this stuff everywhere.