Must have to do with the economy

Had a client call me today and the conversation started—you know—“you did a home inspection for me on….” She was a first time home buyer and she took my advice to have the air handler and a-coil cleaned since it appears it has been run for a period of time with no filter in place and was very dirty. What the technician told her next was that there was a gap between the main supply and the furnace closet ceiling that was continually sucking fiberglass particles into the system and distributing the fiberglass particles throughout the home through the ventilation supply ducts. What I would normally expect to hear is that he suggested that the gap be closed off/ sealed. What he suggested instead is that the client have all of the OLD blown in fiberglass insulation vacuumed out of the attic and have NEW blown in fiberglass insulation installed. The client said the HVAC tech even pointed out dirty fiberglass particles along the edge of the carpet next to the wall. She asked me why I hadn’t mentioned this problem in the report. I did not know what to say, other than that I have never heard of such an action and recommend she get a second opinion before she paid this guy a dime. Note that the home was built (and insulated) in 1995.

His brother must do insulation.