"Must See" tab added to InterNACHI School website.


Is that Roy Cooke? Really?
Man! Roy lookin’ good in the tweed coat.
What a GREAT contributor for us all.
He has helped me many times…Oh ! Yes! And he would undoubtedly help you to.
Roy C. You are my friend…Yep! What a great man!

Thanks Roy Much appreciated ,
Yes that is the way I always dressed usually a purple shirt and a hat I could put in my pocket .
I always wore That lapel pin it is a NACHI Pin from the Florida show . Still have it .

Nick, your the best.

Roy looks great and has done much.
Ontario as wall as InterNACHI members should be very proud of Roy Cooke senior.
Done much for many and deserves the warmest regards from all.

Happy for you friend.

That is a picture of Roy in his young years.:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, what a great picture.


You are a living legend as far as I am concerned. You helped me out and even reached out privately when I first joined and it will always be remembered. Not many were so welcoming and helpful.

Hey Nick, There has to be a place in the area of the hall of fame for this picture for all to see. Somewhere on the massive compound :slight_smile: Someday I hope I make it there to see it all.