Musty(?) Smell

The client wanted to have mold testing done because the garage(attached) smelled musty. Personally, I thought it smelled a bit sweeter than “musty”. Didn’t take long to find the cause. Does this washing machine hose and standpipe(?) seem right to you? This was in a doctors home. Doc thought he was handy. You should have seen what 20 years of his electrical work looked like Client bailed. Doc left a nasty gram on my phone.

If it smells musty or a bit sweeter it needs to be hosed down. If it smells like pee, she’s too young for me.:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not a standpipe, which supplies water for a fire extinguishing system. It’s an open waste pipe. Hence the smell.

There is an opportunity staring you in the face…don’t miss it.