Mutli-Unit Residential Building Inspections

In reference to Inspection of large rental buildings meaning 6 flats and up I am just curious if other Inspectors prefer starting with the basement utilities or the living units.

Have been doing many Investor - Buyer inspections over the last few years and usually go with the flow such as this or that tenant needs to leave so can we start here , etc.

I used to feel starting with the apartments was best so I can run water and check for leaks but actually that is redundant since the tenants are already using their plumbing fixtures .

Any preferences ?

Inspecting a 19 unit building Saturday.

I usually do the units that have tenants that want theirs done so they can leave. It depends on the weather when it comes to doing the exterior first or last. If I have my choice, I start on the roof and work my way down to the Basement.

Yeah doing the units first makes sense for that reason.Normally prefer the roof last just so the sellers rep can leave faster.

Wish all my inspections were large Courtyard style buildings as even with Condos end up inspecting porches ,roofs,basements,exterior brick,windows and ledges etc anyway so its nice to actually get paid for it …LOL

My preference is, exterior, attic, units, basement. Many times the more units, the more jumping around we have to do though. The downfall is, if you see a stain, you may need to go back up for further investigation.

Mike I hear you on the stain comment.
Has happened many times with me knocking on a tenants door to go back in a quick minute.

Yeah, some are ok with it, some get perturbed a bit…