My 1st Expierience with being interviewed

I thought I would share my expierince of being interviewed.

The story is on Pre listing inspections and will be aired within the next 2 weeks.

I was refferred by a Smythe, HH office. I just called to thank them as I just found out who refferred me from the TV station.

They were here for about an hour & a half. I took them in the attic/basement & garage. I set up numerous documentation in the kitchen & this is were the interviewed me.

I only had marble mouth 1 time.

I bought new shoes and they asked what was squeaking?

The interview was done at my house.

I had my old FPE box & we did a segment on the FPE, permits, city inspections and main shut off.

In the attic we discussed leaking flashings.

In the garage we discussed slab settlement.

In the house we discussed open grounded outlets.

It was quite the expierience and I look forward to watching the segment.

If there is a blog or link of the interview & segment I will post for you to watch.

Definetly a boost to the ego.

Cool…Post a link to the news website if you get one. Interested in seeing it.


I recieved a post card from Jim Davis president of Assurety Inspections in Katy, Texas who states he has a free offer to reveal how he went from 27 inspections to 59 a month.

Being that you are from Katy and comments on this company?