My 2 favorite football teams play each other today.

Denver and Pittsburgh.

Regardless (or irregardless as ASHI members say) of the outcome, I have a team going to the Superbowl.


The Broncos are just about unbeatable there. They haven’t lost there this season, and they’re 12-2 at home in the playoffs.

Life long Broncos fan :cool:.

Erol Kartal

Being a suffering browns fan it is hard to pick a team from the AFC.

Steelers beat the browns twice a year and the always are good and the browns are lousy year after year.

In the old days Terry Bradsaw beat the Browns and I hated him as a player but like him as a analyist.

The broncos have 4 lineman that were not good enough for the Brownies but are now playing for a championship.

In the old days Elway beat us 3 times to go to the bowl.

The Drive, Fumble.

Only people in Cleveland understand how frustrated the fans are because year after year no Championships.


I am looking to just see both teams play smash mouth football.

I’m with you on this one David. I think the one that hurt most was the Drive since the gane was all but won but Elway kept coming. I’ll have to pull for the Broncos on this one since my neighbor has his house decorated for the steelers. I’m tempted to throw an egg but I bet him 50.00 instead.

yes and how about 'dem Seahawks!!!

Nick overheard picking his “favorites” for the Superbowl: “I like the Steelers, the Panthers or the SeaHawks.”:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the Steelers are going to be playing Seattle for the Super Bowl!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

how about SEATTLE:D

YES! gooooooo Seattle SEAHAWKS!!!:cool: