My Bad, Inachi to rescue!!

I accidentally gave a Spanish “Now that You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book to Chinese customer last Saturday.:roll:

I emailed Nick and he had one mailed to my client.

I received this email.

We received the English version of the maintenance book in the mail today. Thank you very much for doing this for us,

I was also given a A review online.

Nachi turned my mistake into a positive experience.

Once again, thanks Nick and Nachi for helping me out!!
(In the 10+ years as a member Nachi has been very good to me)

very nice

This is just one more example of why InterNachi is the best Association on the planet!:D:D

Why didn’t you send one instead of emailing Nick? Just wondering.

Why didn’t you send the Chinese one? :mrgreen:

Good question.

At the time I was embarrassed and I thought it would look better to have the organization send one.

In my twisted mind I thought it was nachi’s fault for even sending me 2 Spanish version. ( I always try to blame someone but myself)

I saved the shipping fee.

I felt better when it was done.

I took advantage of the organization and Nick helped me out.

If you think about it giving an oriental couple a Spanish book is laughable.