My brand new MacBook is acting up

The thing is out of the box one day and I get a white screen when I turn it on. I take it out to the local Apple Store and on of the “Geniuses” [that’s what they are called] fixes it by doing something to it on the keyboard.


Next day, same thing. I call the store back and am transferred to someone in India. He gives me a couple of routines to run that involve variously, taking the battery out and restarting; holding down the shift key for a very long time, holding down the command, control and P ane R keys, all to no avail. He finally tells me that I need to reboot it from the disk that came with it. As far as I can tell, I don’t have that disk. [Though, possibly [probably] I do.]

He hangs up.

So I run the goofy Command, Control, P and R key again. And … the computer recovers.

But now it has fallen off the wagon again.

Any ideas?

I would be throwing it through the store window----:twisted:

Other than that…nope—:shock:

You need to take it back to the Mac store, tell them it’s happening every day and request a new MacBook. You shouldn’t be having problems like that, something is up, probably with the video card.

lol. I like you Dale…never one to beat around the bush or at a loss for words!


Joe…this can’t be right can it? I have been led to believe Mac’s work perfectly the first time, every time, right out of the box and never, ever break or even hiccup. Some even claim they emit a warm halo-like glow at times and a few have been known to purr. Are you sure that’s a Mac you bought?

Hey, just saw that commercial on television, you MUST be making this up.

Must be the same guy I talk to that gives me advice for my Dell, but it works for me. :mrgreen:


On other threads I have opined profusely on the detriments of PDA’s. Having owned a Mac Plus sometime in the 80’s when a Mac was actually something of an engineering and computer marvel, I can safely say that, that may have been their technical Zenith.

Apples Suck.

Let’s see, Joe.

Let’s compare Apple and PCs to home inspector trade associations:

Apple - PC
100 customers - 1 million customers

3,000 members - 9,000 members

Now I regularly tell my Clients that I’m a member of iNACHI because it is three times larger than ASHI, so if I have a question, I have a much more active Message Board on which to post my question.

Why, then, would I buy Apple? Because, dummy, as my wise old grandmother said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You need a doctor because your apple has a bug in it! As my wise old grandmother said, “Don’t take an apple with a bug in it!”

Some of us had this problem with our thermal imaging cameras. Removing and reinstalling the battery solved the problem! Too bad it wasn’t that easy !

Our problem was the result of the program hanging when turning the camera back on after it had been recently shut off.

I also had a problem On one of my computers with the screen to keyboard connection. It didn’t turn white, but a bad connection blanked out the screen until you closed it and opened it back up.

When you get directed to India for tech advise this is the street where you are being directed to.

This is the street in India you are directed to when you have tech problems. Makes you pause and think huh.

Wow, just wow…

My opinion -
MAC vs. PC

This is even better

Funny and thanks for the link:slight_smile:

Ha, I love Wii ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Had another interlude with a guy from India who could not figure out the problem. Or, at least, could not resolve.

I asked for an appointment at an Apple Store here in Sacramento where I am at the moment.

Got to the Apple Store and the Genius pronounced my MacBook DOA.

Then, he gave me a new one.

It works great.

Always the best solution. If they don’t give you a new one, you’re an attorney. Just start talking about the lemon law, works for my dad all the time.

I couldn’t resist…

oh…and as Mr. Kelly would put it.

Laptops suck ! :stuck_out_tongue:

or better yet for those who want a PDA size but think they need a full OS.

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