My brother just did an inspection for the son of the owner of NACHI Beam manufacturer

It’s a small world.

My brother was on an inspection in Pennsylvania and the REALTOR kept looking at his flashlight (a NACHI Beam ). He then explained that his Dad owned Streamlight… the company that makes them for us.

Great Light recommend it to all HIs.
Roy Cooke

I wonder what some of our inspectors are comming to .
They must have nothing better to do when a person finds some thing the like
they now get ridiculed for recommending the product.

Or is just jealousy showing up .

My brother just did an…1/2/07 5:38 AMquit sucking up

I still feel it is a great light.

Roy Cooke

The NACHI Beam is the best, as are all things NACHI.

suck up :stuck_out_tongue:

I “compared” a Streamlight to my Mag (4 new D-cell batteries) … there was NO comparison Streamlight was 3x the light(minimum) my mag could ever be.

How can it be sucking up when you agree a superior product is truly superior. It has to be jealousy :wink: