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Earlier this year I reduced the amount of time I was spending following and reporting on Texas home inspector regulatory issues. The key-word is reduced, I’ve not completely gotten out of the game. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to try a company blog to keep other Texas inspectors at least somewhat apprised of what’s transpiring in our profession at the state level.

  The intent of [my company blog]( is to provide information to other Texas inspectors on issues that may affect their business. Since I live & work in the Austin area then I am able to attend many of the TREC and Inspector Advisory Committee (IAC) meetings and teleconferences. Although I am not as “tuned in” to regulatory issues as I used to be, I will still attempt to provide notice of upcoming important meetings and notes from those meetings when possible. Of course, there will also be the occasional “editorial comment” when I happen to have an opinion on a topic. Feel free to leave follow-up comments on the blog posts whether you agree/disagree or need more information or just want to be heard. If you have a topic you would like for me to consider adding then drop me an email.

  So, consider bookmarking []( and check it periodically for updates. 

Awesome, thanks Mike.

Very nice. Thank you.

Mike ever think of moving to Tallahassee? We sure do need ya here…

Blogs are an excellent SEO tool. SEs give blogs a bit of extra credit because blogs are considered to be more up-to-date than websites. We announce some of our stuff at our blog solely for SEO purposes:

Thanks Russell, I might just do that :mrgreen:. I’m heading out to California in a couple of weeks to spend some time working on a sailboat that my son & I keep there. Who knows, I may just end up chucking it all and spending the next few months sailing down Baja then thru the Canal and into the Caribbean and on to Florida. A man can dream can’t he?

Keeping TREC honest

Where is the RSS feed?

I’ll add an icon to my site tomorrow for:

Cool. I’ll follow