My daughters homework becomes my marketing plan

My daughter came home last night with a homework assignment about how businesses operate. The teacher wanted examples of marketing, P&L, price points, profit margins, and the like; and this is for a fourth grade class!!! Can you believe that!! The teacher asked if any of the student’s parents owned a business. BAM!! My ten year old raised her hand straight away, and she was the only one in the class to raise her hand…I trained her well. The teacher asked her to ask me if I was willing to send in material that would help illustrate marketing and profits.

First, question I asked my daughter was “Are any of the kid’s parents selling a house?” The answer was four. Well, that was all I needed to hear. I went to work putting together 35 packs of my marketing material, brochures, pamphlets, home inspection info and business cards. Now there are only 24 kids in the class, but I put a note with the material asking the teacher that the kids are welcome to take everything home, and if she would please put any extras in the teachers lounge.

The kids told my daughter that they thought all the materials were pretty “cool”. I won’t hear that many times from the younger generation, so I will savor the flavor!

It was a perfect marketing and educational opportunity. I do not know how many kids will actually show it to their parents, but i would guess that probably 30% will.

very nice!

Your logo fits the school system well…still trying to be the teachers pet?:slight_smile:

Hell yeah!! You should see her teacher!!!

Nice :slight_smile:
For me it was exactly the other way round! I did a marketing plan for my friend as an university assigment - it’s always good to to kill two birds with one stone right :wink:

always thinking, nothing like some free advertising.