My deck

Hi folks

Want to share my build, it’s 55 feet long took about 7000 deck screws. it has 16 adjustable posts

Also got a new grill to match the deck,…loll

Looks great…but from just 2 pictures, I see some code problems if it was built in my jurisdiction!!

Greater than 4" spindle spacing, non graspable stair rails, climbable guardrails.

Anything else Brian?

Looks great. You’re going to hate it, though, when it comes time for cleaning and re-coating. :shock:

Open stair treads.

Looks like there is no middle stair stringer also.:smiley:

May be supported on concrete deck post support blocks **on grade **and not concrete piers to below frost line which may be 5’+ in his area. The picture is distant and not conclusive but the support has the profile of one of these blocks.

In this jurisdiction, one must apply for a building permit (with a minimmal deck plan) to construct a deck…

Congatulations on your build! It looks great innovative… but as others have pointed out there are several code violations which should have been caught on permit inspections. Looks like cedar but hard to tell…don’t ever stain it even if it’s PT. Like Joe said lots of maintenance . If it is cedar don’t power wash it…you will be sorry.

Aren’t you glad you posted …didn’t help your self esteem any.
Cheers Scott

Looks good Patrick, I hope you enjoy your new deck! and just ignore these Code inspectors :slight_smile:

I agree with Scott, it does look great. Nice little project to tackle…

And as you know, being a bunch of nit-picky deal-killers, you had to expect the punch list of errors that we think we see in a picture…

Such as… I would never had laid the deck boards butted up in that fashion, I would have staggered the joints. Guessing at the width, 9 screws per sq/ft sounds a bit ‘off’ to me, but what do I know, I’m just a Home Inspector!


Patrick, here is what the narrative might read like for this area.
Although the post blocks may be on piers set on footings (unable to determine) loose pier blocks with a deck attached to the home is an improper construction method. Any shifting or the pier blocks from frost, or expansive soil movement can rip deck structure loose from ledgerboard causing collapse. Decks are allowed on loose pier blocks only if they are completely floating and not attached to the structure.
Butted joints in decking indicate a change in framing underneath ( unable to access) leading to unsightly seam on deck which may easily become a trip hazard as decking ages.
Where decks are elevated above three feet from grade the top rails are required to be 42 inches above any climbable surface. Horizontal dividers accessible to children present a climbable surface and are not allowed.

Personally I love the railing style but it would only work here if: A it was 42 in to the top rail and: B the area on the deck side of the railings was filled with glass panes so the elements are not accessible to climb on. Ps. If the beams underneath are screwed together, and or the joist hangers are installed with screws ( possible reasons for so many screws ) I would have to call that as well.

On the other hand, likely you did it for yourself, you don’t have kids or kids visiting, it’s a lot of work and you do not need to have a permit or to pass an inspection. Relax and enjoy!

PPS Knowing how picky all us are I think it is very brave of you to post a pic of your work. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is so I will do the same when I can get back on , Monday latest. I have a very busy next few days. That will give you a shot at critiquing my work. Does that sound like a challenge to others?

unbelievable Larson…i have never seen a reply like yours, ‘‘Anything else Brian?’’. should be : ‘‘How high should i jump Brian??’’

now… the deck is not complete, i left out the 4’’ thing because i simply hate how it looks. the middle stringer is coming. I does have 42’’ railing where it more than 6 feet high.

the house is build on a rock that hasn’t moved in 70 years, all of the post are interlocked with 2000 pound rated metal wires each connected to it’s opposite post.

yesterday in installed a pool on the deck (small inflatable one) at 65.5 pound per cubic feet, i had about 1300 pound of water on the deck plus 15 friends at 180 pounds each. nothin’ moved

Anyway thx all of the comments

The boards are like that because the deck is built in sections, it a lot easier to change a section than to rip out more than you should to fix something:mrgreen:


you, family & friends just enjoy the fruits of your labor

doubt the inspexcops will be over any time soon…

nothing that can’t be addressed b4 you list, foshizzle

Love it, Looks great,
My deck also violates some codes.
James Bushart advised me to put those who are constant fault finders on an Ignore list .
WOW! is it ever great I never see what they post and makes my life much better .
I expect it also gets their goat because I have no idea and do not care what the say .

All the best Patrick patric keep up helping those who appreciate it … Roy

This is all I see below

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No disrespect intended Patrick.

I simply pointed out what I saw as did others.

My own deck has similar problems and the ones I called out on yours I call out to my clients.

So Roy doesn’t call out hazards to small children.

What a guy. :roll:

Lol no prob mike, just the way it was phrased…was kinda…you know…

No problem.

You know us inspectors, we pick things apart. :smiley:

And I guess you don’t care about small children!

Larson you are a hypocrite.

Besides you are not a home inspector. So how many clients have you actually pointed out problems too? Not many I suspect.