My experience at the Nachi Convention

Hello All,

Well I usually do not make posts based on experiences but I simply HAVE to add my take on the event.

Firstly, Let me start by saying I had a wonderful time and got to meet SO many wonderful people and first hand got to see why NACHI is so great, it was a a burst of fresh air to meet to many people smiling and having a great time all in one location.

I got to meet many of the people I have chatted with on the phone or e-mail and made some great new friends…

I got to meet Dr. Swift who is an AMAZING man and his lovely wife and they are an awesome couple…The DR. is truly gifted. I also met again my good friend from Canada( atleast I hope he feels the same way…) Mario K…Mario you are a wonderful guy and thanks for making me feel so welcome. I got to meet THE Mr. Roy Cooke…and let me tell you something…this man is blessed with a wonderful wife and I have to say Roy is a wonderful guy and truly a pleasure to be around not to mention he is a great fatherly figure to all around him and is truly THE Man among Men…

I got to meet Raymond Wand…a super nice guy and a pleasure to be around.

I got to meet George Wells…a wonderful man and hope to meet again in the future, my friend Jay Keany who is always great to be around, had another great time with Mr. Decker who is as tall as ever and I might add…one heck of a jewish guy…:slight_smile: and quite blessed I might add but I will let him tell you about that…;). I also had some great conversations with Vern M and Bob Howard a fellow instructor and well just so many people…

I got to meet Mr. Bowman…now I have to tell you this guy is SOOO nice if you ever get to meet him you will see why he is at the top of the NACHI exchange,this man is truly a sweatheart of a guy and truly cares about the members of NACHI.

I got to meet Russel Ray and it was awesome, he is truly going to be an asset to NACHI and it’s marketing efforts for the members…very polite and well spoken fellow. ( but just for the record I saw no Margarita’s being drank while working )

I met again my good friend Tom Rausch and his lovely wife Valarie…as always they are gracious and giving and are simply put wonderful people to be around and be associated with…I find his wife simply adorable and a perfect match for Tom…see the lord works is such wonderful ways.

Man I just met so many great members and I just can’t list them all and you know who you all are…One fellow instructor Kenny Hart, If you have not met this guy you are really missing something as I simply loved his company and being a fellow Virginia boy like myself we can relate in so many ways, I am sure we will work on a project or two together in the future.

Now it takes me to the NACHI Core…Let me start by saying this, A good structure is always based on it’s foundation and I have to say NACHI has a GREAT foundation…I yet again got to meet the hardest working gals in the business…LISA, DEANNA and KRYSTAL and let me tell you something I adore each and every one of them. Deanna is so gracious and giving, Lisa is so dynamic and caring all in one presence and Krystal is Quiet and confident and well heck they are all HOT so thats a bonus in itself.

Lets talk about Chris our IT guy…I can say this…simply GIFTED and NACHI is so lucky to have this guy and people have not seen anything yet from the brain of this IT guy , I was very impressed with him and to be so young…just shows I am getting old when everyone seems young. I also got to meet Tim as well and yet again is a reason NACHI is # 1, You can rest easy knowing NACHI has the BEST of the BEST in the web design people.

I know I have not posted them all…but I will now jump to NICK. The man most certainly has a passion about him, his presence lights up a room and his passion for YOU the inspector shows in his every word and action. I have to say NICK is a TRULY passionate man about this industry, about his members and about life in general…I had no idea he likes to go down in Mine’s… It was truly great to finally met the man behind NACHI and I can say I know exactly why NACHI is # 1…because it has Nick behind the wheel and a wonderful pitcrew in Mr.Bowman, Mr Swift, Deanna, Lisa, Krystal, Chris and so many others helping make it what it is today.

P.S. Guys and Gals…Jameson is on the way…:slight_smile:

To sum up my experience at the 2007 Nachi Convention is hard because I know I will leave someone out or forget a name BUT everyone I met was wonderful, the canadian members were simply perfect hosts and I enjoyed teaching the classes.

Thanks again for allowing me to be apart of it and helping educate the BIGGEST and BEST home inspection association in the world…NACHI and all the wonderful members who took time out of their busy schedule to attend the classes !

Thank you for your kind words. It was good seeing you again too Paul. You look great. And everytime I walked past your room, it was overflowing with inspectors trying to hear everything you were saying. I heard many positive comments about your class.


It is allways a pleasure seeing you. I’m happy you enjoyed the convention and I hope to see you soon. If you are ever in Toronto give me your good friend!!!] a call.

What paul said.

As to the two Virginia guys. (DELETED). :mrgreen:

As a new NACHI member, I was totally impressed with the quality of speakers at the convention. Paul and Kenny were particularly outstanding. I look forward to a Paul and Kenny tag-team seminar.
Nachi has the best continuing education opportunites I’ve ever seen. Thanks to y’all.

It was a pleasure meeting you. I enjoyed our discussions and look forward to continuing them when next we meet.