My Fijian brother-in-law and I had identical dreams last night.

He’s visiting me in Colorado (far from any seawater) and had a dream last night about what he does in Fiji. In Fiji, he swims out far into the ocean to go spear fishing. He then ties the catch around his waist and then swims back to the island.

Coincidentally, I had the exact same dream last night. I was trying to get back to the island through shark infested waters with a dead fish tied to my waist… so mine was kind of a nightmare.

In business and life you can look at things from different angles.

Is that up at your house Nick? Looks like the top of a mountain.

Higher. Way up there. I might move into it, but not sure what I’d do with the 2nd half of the place. It’s about twice as much space as I need.

You really need to stop watching “Shark Week” just before bedtime! :wink:


nice general store