My first Crack House


crack house 003.JPG

crack house 003.JPG

crack house 008.JPG

crack house 005.JPG

crack house 004.JPG

crack house 006.JPG

a couple more

crack house 017.JPG

crack house 010.JPG

crack house 014.JPG

crack house 016.JPG

I didn’t know you had earthquakes in Phoenix. Or is that from mine subsidence? :mrgreen:

I get so many crack houses in St. Louis I’m that I’m thinking about applying for my SE license. lol Sick of it. Today’s inspection was a mess. Luckily my client was a licensed structural engineer so he believed me when I said the wall might cave in at any moment. You should of seen the bow and the horizontal crack.

You shouldn’t have jumped soo hard Brian…

LOL Good one.

post tension house, whole thing sinking toward one corner. On Column not sinking tearing the house apart. A realtor friend had me by for a grins as he has already had a foundation/helical pier company out.

doesn’t look like anybody is going to win there Brian…