My first Psychic inspection

Did an inspection today for a renter/buyer on a commerical property. Client is a Psychic.

I had a sense she might ask me how long the roof covering would last. She did (which made me very happy), Premeditatedly I said Ma’am, I don’t predict the future, that’s your job.

Her family thought that was pretty funny. I think she might have put a curse on me before I left though. :smiley:

She paid me in cash, just as I predicted she would. :smiley:

For an extra fee I might have given some massages downstairs but nobody was home on the first floor. :wink:

It’s priceless when you get the chance to give answers that are perfect.
Most clients just love it and some always want to be the winner
( or is that winer )
Roy Cooke

…sounds right.:cool:

Nice forecast. ;-)…enjoy.

She needed an inspection, hmmm…

Goes to show you how good she is !!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: